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Build great games.
Beacon takes care of the rest.

Beacon is a powerful technology suite that supports Rovio games throughout their entire lifecycle, including tools that allow game teams to easily develop and bring games to market, profitably grow games through user acquisition, keep players engaged and live operate games, monetize with in-app purchases and ads, and ensure safe gaming experience.

The culmination of over 10 years of mobile game industry learnings, Beacon brings value to game teams from day one, providing a comprehensive platform for games of any genre.


Launch your game with a wide-range of built-in tools, designed to ensure fast-paced game development and go-to-market. Beacon encompasses tools and services designed to make it easy to develop and launch games and prototypes, measure results quickly and accurately with powerful and customizable data visualizations, helps ensure technical, platform and legal compliance,  and offers other tools and services that are essential for releasing games.


Beacon includes a set of tools and services making it simple for the game teams to grow the audience and run user acquisition campaigns profitably. Beacon contains both internal and 3rd party tooling designed to ease and elevate digital marketing efforts.

For instance, Audience Builder by Beacon allows segmenting the audience and exporting user sets for user acquisition campaign targeting. It also features revenue attribution tooling and analytics dashboards dedicated to tracking user acquisition campaigns performance, offering a single 360 degree view.


Everything we do is built around the player. Every player who starts a Rovio game receives a tailored game experience served by Beacon. Machine learning aids prediction and personalization of the player experience. 

The LiveOps Calendar is a great example of how we bring our games to life every day – with in-game seasonal events, daily events, offers to be scheduled on-the-fly across multiple time-zones. Communicating with our players is key to creating engagement with the game community. Beacon Player Communications service lets game teams keep players up to date with what is coming up in the game, run surveys, send player specific rewards or provide support.


Beacon takes complexity away from successfully monetizing the game by offering flexible and intelligent tools to manage In-App Purchases catalog, ad mediation for best pricing, and provides access to ad networks with a single integration. Beacon ensures that all tools are always up to date and follow platform and regulatory requirements across regions, delivering a plug-and-play solution for the game teams.


Player is at the very heart of the Beacon platform, as every feature is developed with player experience and player safety in mind. Beacon helps game teams design and create a safe environment for the players, across all aspects of the game. Safety features available to the game developers include profanity filtering for the user-generated content, player reporting tools, options for players to control their data sharing to 3rd party partners, age-check plug-in and other tools. 

Player’s personal data is handled in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations, with a team of experts ensuring that all the latest requirements from platforms, regulators, 3rd party plug-ins and so on are continuously monitored and fulfilled.

Platform at the heart of Beacon.

The platform at the core of Beacon encompasses data, build, micro-services and cloud infrastructure, ensuring interconnectedness and a solid foundation for all Beacon services and features.

Game-making can be a science and an art. Beacon takes care of the science, allowing game teams to focus on the art.
Andy Muesse, Head of Studios

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